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This page lists all tools hosted on energypedia. The tools are grouped by technology and include manuals, databases, checklists, online software and planning guides on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access issues. Click on the respective link to visit/download the tool. To see all sample questionnaires hosted on energypedia click here.

To add a tool to this page, simply upload it to energypedia and categorise it as "Tools" and the relevant technology.

Tools for Solar Energy

SPIS Banner.svg
Toolbox on Solar Powered Irrigation System: It enables advisors and practitioners to provide broad hands-on guidance to end-users, policy-makers and financiers.
Icon - Pico Pv Database.png
Pico PV Database: It includes a full spectrum of mini solar appliances such as mini reading lamps, torches, micro-solar home systems.

Tools for Hydropower

Micro/Mini Hydropower Library (MHL
Micro/Mini Hydropower Library (MHL): It includes knowledge product related to micro/mini-hydro topics on energypedia.
Micro-hydro Manuals
Micro Hydro Power (MHP) Manuals: This article includes a list of manuals for micro hydro.

Tools for Financing/Market Development

Solar Power and Tariff Tool EnDev Calculation Spreadsheet Cover.jpg
Solar Power and Tariff Tool: It helps to estimate the capacity of the solar mini-grid (kW and kWh) and the cost of generated electricity.
Legende Market Phases.PNG
Market Development Scorecard: It helps to investigate, measure, and subsequently be able to effectively stimulate the market development for modern energy products and services.


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